Hey world, welcome to our blog!

A little backstory on who we are, what this blog is, and all that good stuff…

Who: Greta and Soleil

What: A food blog where you can look at pretty pictures of food and eat them too! (The food, not the pictures).

How: It was the year 2013, freshmen in college, struggling through Math 125. I’ll give Greta the credit for making the first move towards friendship– or maybe it was just to save both our souls from failing miserably. After figuring out we were basically the same person, fast forward four years, and we were sitting in our new house together talking about all the adult things we had planned for the year aka decorating our house like Pinterest and figuring out how to pay bills and spending too much money at IKEA and Target to decorate our house and then actually paying those bills because we spent all previously mentioned money. In that moment, we came to the realization that we have both always wanted to write a cookbook, but since this is the 21st century and we’re millennials, we thought a blog was a good place to start.

Why: Among shared passions of traveling the world and Instagram-ing it, the biggest one is our obsession for food. From the vibrant color of fresh produce at farmer’s markets to beautifully curated cookbooks to the smiles shared over delicious, homemade and healthy meals, food is energy, art, community, health, mindfulness, and so much more. We want to teach people how to cook nutritiously and creatively, how to feed the soul and stomach, one healthy, simple, wholesome and REAL meal at a time. It’s not a secret that we like to eat good food…and you should too!

Signing off as S and G (Gossip Girl reference intended), we hope you have as much fun with this blog as we do!